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Salome white Dance Company is a new self funded company for young girls. I have created this as an outlet for children ages 7 to 18 to express through Dance, Movement and Performance. Through this company my goal is to; Inspire them to reach for the stars. Achievement- rewarding them for their hard work, helping them to push harder. Commitment- sticking to a task to the end never giving up. Unite as a community and work together for our children. Encourage them to do better, be better and treat each other better. Building their self-esteem and to help them to be creative (think outside the box) being ambitious. To accept and to be accepted from all walks of life. And finally to create ROLE MODELS FOR THE FUTURE.

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I have set up the company based on dance, performance and movement The company will be split into two categories. (Repertory and Company) REPORTORY is the face of the company and will represent the company as a whole. Company are the ones working to become the repertory. They are the girls who lack confidence and self esteem. I aim to hold 3 shows a year along with 2 assessment days. During assessments I will be commending them on the last show of the year showing their progress. They will be receiving personal awards for their hard work. They will learn a wide range of dance skills such as. Jazz, lindy hop, street dance, Majorettes, Stan’s, Afro beats, Dancehall and Modern Contempory. They will also have the chance to be Captain, Co captain and trainee. They will learn stage presence, how to interact with an audience and large crowds, learn to choreograph and many more.


Classes run 3 days per week. Tuesday WALK IN CLASS 16:30-17:30 or 17:30-18:30 Wednesday (Membership Only) 16:45-18:15 Friday (Membership Only) 16:30-18:30


Tats Salome the creator of this company is Born and raised in London. My passion for dance and performance started at the very early age 7. Raised in a household of 5 brothers and sisters with all very different personalities I would express myself 1st through music then dance. I have always been very creative so my mother placed in a kids club called C.I.A (children in Action) Here is where my passion for performing began, my gifts and talents were nurtured and I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. I joined a dance group called cherubim ministries at Willesden green Baptist church and we performed at all the gospel events and other churches. I went on to secondary school and was practically forcing my friends to dance until eventually everyone wanted to dance. I went on to do GCSE dance and drama then went to college to study performing arts (theatre Studies). During my 1st year at college I was asked to join sugababes on their UK tour in 2003, My college gave me time off and I had to write a daily report of what bi would be doing whilst I was there, I toured with them for 3 wks and was asked to join later on in the year to join the Smash hits tour I also Passed my first year at college. In 2004 I joined the sugababes on their venture to break the states, I was in the USA for 3wks touring the country 2004-2007 I worked alongside 3rd edge, Misteeq, T4, and worked on many music videos. 2010 I went on to study urban dance and performing Arts at university which has encouraged me to wanting to work with girls who has big dreams and to guide and assist. For the last 6 years I have been doing choreography, music videos for upcoming artist, I have also worked on big movies the latest is The Legend Of Tarzan released 2016.

Joining after audition process

If you would still like to join the dance company after the audition dates. Please pop into one of our Tuesday sessions. Students will receive a Welcome goodie bag which will have more in-depth information about the company, Code of conduct, timetables and progress cards, etc After joining the company memberships


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I enjoy the classes, it is fun. I love the routines and we're going to the Brent Factor. Age 10


This dance company really helps my confidence. I LOVE IT. I made one friend already. I also LOVE the dances and choice of music Age 12


I love this company because it boost my confidence and helps me make friends, I love the dance routines because we learn loads of different styles. Age 12



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